Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I'd rather be here...

Vernazza, Cinqueterre.
I'm feeling a little low today as I heard that my entry to the Schweppes Portrait prize didn't get in. I shouldn't be surprised, there were over 6,900 entries, but a tiny part of me thought that I had a chance.

So, I'm wishing my day away, sorting out travel photography to send to various travel mags and agencies. Makes me want to go on holiday again.


  1. Hey Janet---it's a numbers game and it's different with every judge or curator. Submit, submit, submit!!!! Keep on submitting. :)

  2. JP you are sych a talented bunny - i wish i had your enthusiasm and commitment, being the fair weather photographer that i am...keep on truckin! x lynnie

  3. Great shot Janet...I guess all you can do is throw it into the mix and hope they see what you saw.