Friday, 14 September 2007

Working late and unpostable film

Work has been absolutely manic of late - resulting in 13 hour days and lots of angst. I haven't done half enough photography and I'm missing it madly. I recently acquired a Sputnik stereo camera (I'm blaming Cam) and I've put a couple of films through it but nothing worth posting yet. The first film I shot was all double exposures because I didn't wind the film on 2 shots every take. The second film I experimented with using a close-up lens and it put the offset between the 2 negs too far out to use. So, I'm working on a third film, which will hopefully render some postable images.
On the upside, I have had my first paid for photograph published this week in Junior Baby and Pregnancy magazine. You can see it on my Tearsheets blog . I used my trusty Rolleicord and a closeup lens to take it, as the Art Editor likes the vintage camera vibe. It's a dream for me to be paid to take photos with my Rollei, so that's what I'm working towards.

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    The spread looks terrific.
    Yey Janet!