Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Sometimes I feel like it would be easier just to close my eyes and go to sleep. Nothing sinister, it's just that sometimes sleep is so much more satisfying.

I had a really informative interview last week with a lovely woman from a magazine group. It had taken so long to actually get to meet someone who didn't just want my web address, that I was pretty excited. It pains me to say that my portfolio wasn't up to it, but sadly I think this was the case. Despite this I got some great advice about my portfolio. Basically, I had presented a really eclectic set of images, a mixture of portrait and still life, which I felt worked together. The advice I was given was to separate the two genres into different portfolios. She felt that seeing the two mixed together was too confusing and made the viewer forget the good images that they had seen as they were working too hard to process the mix.

This presents me with a dilemma which I really should have confronted before: I need to decide what kind of photography I want to specialise in. I need to commit.

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  1. Only commit to things that matter (people, shoes, music). Your photography should always be a means of personal enjoyment and expression, and if you're tied down to one particular kind, you can grow weary and start to not like it. Commit to being happy with what you do.